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Shot during isolation in Co. Monaghan, Ireland “Devolved” is the collaborative creative effort of writer/producer/star Adam Brennan and director/producer/editor Colin Fleming and Adam’s 16 year old son Jack on camera and assisting in many other departments. Made during the Covid-19 lock down and directed via Zoom and Whatsapp.

We wanted to show the world that even with a mountain of restrictions in front of us there are always ways to create and collaborate to produce high quality material. It is only through an open collaborative process where the true magic comes alive. And that is what happened. Once we started this adventure it took on a life of it’s own and became a film that we believe speaks to everyone and is about everyone.

Devolved is a co-production of FKU Productions & City Morgue Films.

We hope you all enjoy
The FKU! Team







‘Devolved’ introduces us to Adam, a fastidious and work-proud customer care representative for a healthcare company. Adam is a man who defines himself by his work, and the difference he makes in his customers’ lives, to the point where his entire routine revolves around how best to help them when they need. So what happens when a pandemic rolls around and strips him of his sole raison d’etre?


Cast & Crew

Written by and Starring Adam Brennan
Directed and Edited by Colin Fleming
Produced by Colin Fleming, Adam Brennan, Jack Brennan
Executive producer – Adam Brennan
Director of Photography/production design – Adam Brennan
Camera Operator – Jack Brennan
Original Music – Darragh O’Kelly
Sound Design/mixing – Robin Sherry Wood
VFX/Compositing – Darach McHugh
Colourist – Adam Brennan
Post Production Coordinator – Colin Fleming
Music Supervisor – Darragh O’Kelly
Post Production Consultants – Nigel O’Brien, Fergal McHugh
Titles – Darach McHugh
Credits – Michal Okrajek

Additional cast
Andrea Murphy as Carole
Samantha Brennan
Oisin Murray
Elaine Brennan
Jack Brennan
Pusheen the Cat

Special thank you to
Stephen Fleming
Petay Kalinkova
Elaine Brennan
Samantha Brennan
Oisin Murray
Shane Latimer

Background TV excerpt from John Carpenter’s “The Thing”

Yoda character created by George Lucas
BB8 character created by J.J. Abram

Film makers who directly influenced this film
Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, Joel and Ethan Coen, Jessica Hynes, Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, John Carpenter, Taika Waititi, George Lucas, Guy Ritchie, Akira Kurosawa, Jared Hess, Ben Wheatley, Darren Aronofsky, J.J. Abrams, Francis Ford Coppola

Original Music Composed and Produced by Darragh O’Kelly

Finale percussion piece “Long Ago – Drum Solo” by Eamonn Cagney

Day 1 and Credits song “The Boom” by Joe Dunne © From the Album “Hail Ceasar”